In the “Fix Volume” you’ll learn how to fix nearly every kind of bad audio situation from simple noise to massive artifacts and bogies using Adobe Audition, iZotope RX and Magix Spectral Layers Pro. This volume is a master’s education in how to clean and perfect sound in addition to preparing deliverables for professional Hollywood export requirements and editing using 5 real-world short films. You’ll watch step-by-step as Mark takes you through dozens of examples from easy to horrific and get a great result.

Chapter 1: Resurrecting Dead Audio Basics (1hr 21m)

In this chapter Mark takes us through the fundamentals of audio frequencies and how to know which sound like what, how best to use them, a general overview of iZotope RX, Adobe Audition, DAWs in general, the Essential Sound Panel and how to export using Dynamic Linking.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
House of Cards Review 00:00:45
DAW Review 00:01:49
Audition Basic Tools and Use 00:04:28
Frequencies Identified and Explained 00:06:03
Frequencies Identified in Dialog 00:14:29
Frequencies Identified in Music 00:19:09
iZotope RX General Overview (Spectral View Explained) 00:24:42
Audition Basic Tools and Implementation 00:31:37
Spectral Layers Overview (Advanced Spectral View) 00:44:43
Getting Audio from Audition/DAW into iZotope RX 00:52:16
iZotope RX as in-DAW plugins 00:58:40
Adobe Essential Sound Panel 01:02:35
Export Audio & Video using Media Encoder (Dynamic Link) 01:18:10
Wrap Up 01:19:29
Chapter 2: Killing the Noise & Artifacts I (1hr 7m)

In this chapter Mark takes us through best practices of Normalizing audio, Denoising protocols and use, de-reverbing “roomy” dialog and how to create your own impulse response so you can get reverb issues handled in cleanup & ADR mixing.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
“Dave” Review 00:01:07
Protocols for Denoising/DX Fixing 00:03:43
Normalizing Best Practices 00:04:37
Fixing Distorted Audio with RX 00:08:41
Fixing Noisy Audio with RX (multiple examples) 00:17:07
Using Adaptive Noise Profiles with RX 00:38:28
Using RX Dialog Denoise 00:39:31
Adding EQ profiles to Denoise 00:42:06
Using iZotope De-Reverb 00:45:38
Using Impulse Responses wtih De-Reverb 00:51:03
DIY Impulse Response Creation 00:58:41
Chapter 3: Killing the Noise & Artifacts II (1hr 28m)

In this chapter Mark shows us how to handle every-day noise and artifact issues including mic bumps, noise, crackle, pitches, plosives and integrated noise issues.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Mild Artifacts Example 1: Declick00:00:08
Mild Artifacts Example 1: Decrackle00:05:43
Mild Artifacts Example 2: Spectral Repair – Pitch00:09:47
Mild Artifacts Example 3: Spectral Repair – Traffic00:18:59
Mild Artifacts Example 4: Factory: Noise & Multiple Pitches00:30:51
Mic Bumps Example 100:42:41
Mic Bumps Example 200:51:24
Integrated Noise Solutions Example 100:56:25
Integrated Noise Solutions Example 201:11:09
Dealing with Plosives01:20:55
Wrap Up01:27:40
Chapter 4: Advanced Dialog Clean-up I (1hr 3m)

In this chapter we get down and dirty with advanced knowledge of fixing real-world issues we face from loud background elements in our dialog.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
“Star Wars” Review 00:00:38
Fixing RF Hits 00:02:42
Removing Sirens/Harmonic Pitches 00:10:38
Understanding the Nature of Overtones (Train Horn) 00:19:15
Understanding the Nature of Overtones (Plane Engine) 00:26:59
Fixing Dialog Against Traffic 00:30:25
Fixing Dialog Against Crickets 00:45:54
Chapter 5: Advanced Dialog Clean-up II (54m)

In this chapter we are walked through step-by-step methods for dealing with strong background noise on dialog in the form of several examples. We also learn how to use Zynaptec’s anti-digital-artifact plugin: Unchirp.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Multitude of issues: Crickets, flies, birds, desert 00:00:07
Multitude of issues: Traffic, Trains, Noise. 00:15:07
Using Zynaptec: Unchirp 00:25:38
Multitude of Issues: Street Corner 00:31:48
Wrap Up 00:53:16
Chapter 6: Multiple Issues, Multiple Solutions (1hr 12m)

In this final chapter of the Edit Volume Mark shows us how to use simple editing tools to radically change the nature of sound effects

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
SFX Insertion & Editing Basics (Action) 00:00:43
Solving Production Noises with SFX 00:10:26
Solving Cut offs with fades and reverb 00:11:25
Magic Attacks for SFX 00:14:13
Wrap Up 00:24:22
Chapter 7: Dialog to the Cleaners I (58m)

In this chapter Mark begins the process of actual dialog cleanup in the example videos beginning with the “action sequence” including cleaning up lavs, shotgun mics, and production audio.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” Review 00:01:14
Action Scene Dialog Clean Up Sequence 00:01:14
– Voice Over Cleanup 00:03:48
– Lavalier Cleanup – Becky 00:11:25
– Hypercardioid (Boom) Clean up – Becky 00:24:57
– Hypercardioid (Boom) Clean up – Production Sound 00:33:54
– Lavalier Cleanup – Kolton 00:53:45
Chapter 8: Dialog to the Cleaners II (47m)

In this chapter we continue with dialog clean up of the example scenes with the horrific Beach scene and Donut scene where we deal with mono and stereo dialog and begin working with batch capture functions in iZotope RX.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Beach Scene Dialog Clean Up Sequence
– Hypercardioid (Boom) Clean up – Robbie 00:00:06
– Hypercardioid (Boom) Clean up w Expander – Robbie 00:06:42
– Lavalier Cleanup – (Robbie in Becky’s Mix) 00:17:28
– Surgical Selection and Destruction of Noise 00:24:14
Donut Scene Dialog Clean Up Sequence
– In Car Cleanup in Stereo Dialog 00:31:16
– Batch Denoise in iZotope RX 00:40:47
Chapter 9: Dialog to the Cleaners III (52m)

In this chapter we look deeply at cleaning lavaliers, de clipping, and special tools for dealing with clothing rustle, and how to insure we don’t lose our master audio files when doing destructive editing.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Macbeth Scene Dialog Clean Up Sequence
– Lavalier Clean Up – Becky (De-Reverb/IR use/Expansion) 00:00:09
– Backing Up Audio Files Before Fixing Them 00:13:35
– Lavalier Clean Up – Becky (De-Reverb/IR use/Expansion) Continued 00:16:20
– Distorted Audio Fix – Becky 00:31:40
– Lavalier Clean Up – Becky Continued 00:34:15
– De-Reverb/Expansion Wrap Up 00:40:58
– Lavalier Clean Up – Josh (Clothing Rustle/De-Crackle) 00:42:17
ENG Scene Dialog Clean Up Sequence
– Lavalier Clean Up – Becky 00:44:12
– Lavalier Clean Up – Prof. Snurd – De-Clip 00:48:37
– ENG Scene Wrap Up 00:51:08
Wrap Up 00:51:40
Chapter 10: ADR Recording & Revolution (39m)

In this chapter we discover the wonders of looping vs. ADR and we’re shown how to do it with examples from the Action scene. 

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review 00:00:19
The Revolution of Looping Vs. ADR 00:03:28
Looping Demonstrated 00:10:29
Looping Demonstrated with Becky 00:21:56
ADR/Looping Organization & Sync/Editing 00:28:07
Wrap Up 00:37:50
Chapter 11: ADR Mixing (1hr 4m)

In this chapter Mark shows us how to mix ADR/Looped dialog into on set dialog so we can have seamless transitions between them in the mix

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
“X-Men” Review 00:00:32
Basic ADR Mixing with Standard EQ 00:03:12
Advanced ADR Mixing with Match EQ via iZotope Ozone 00:17:29
Backing Up Clips in Adobe Audition When Destructive Editing 00:22:57
Advanced ADR Mixing with Match EQ via iZotope Ozone Continued 00:27:38
Advanced ADR Mixing with Reverb 00:47:01
Using Impulse Responses in ADR Mixing 00:51:42
Wrap Up 00:57:50
Chapter 12: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export I (1hr 3m)

In this chapter Mark takes through the Beach scene doing the final strokes and tweezing which is needed to get the dialog mix handled.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
“Man of Steel” Review 00:01:05
Distance to Camera Mixing Introduction 00:02:48
Final Fixing Process Protocols 00:04:24
Organization 00:06:31
The Basic Dialog Grade (Beach/Robbie) 00:15:13
Uniform Volume Using Essential Sound Panel 00:32:04
The Basic Dialog Grade (Beach/Becky) 00:36:14
Room Tone 00:44:57
Ambiences Consideration 00:46:41
Balancing Character Sound & Timbre 00:48:07
Dialog Compression 00:52:01
Using Waves Vocal Rider 00:57:50
Chapter 13: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export II (52m)

In this chapter Mark takes us through export considerations for Dialog, special effects on dialog, dealing with dialog norm and compliance, stereo room tone, and how to deal with compression on export.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Dialog Norm, Levels, Automation and Compliance (Beach) 00:00:09
Muting and Organization of Reference and Unused Tracks 00:19:07
Distance to Camera Mixing Begun (Beach) 00:20:01
Compression in Dialog Exports 00:30:25
Special Dialog Considerations and Effects (Donuts) 00:35:41
Using Dialog Bussing 00:47:11
Using Stereo Room Tone 00:50:39
Chapter 14: Dialog Mixing, Editing & Export III (1hr 5m)

This chapter completes the Fix volume with the final examples of basic dialog grade, compliance, automation, dialog norm and final exportation.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Basic Grade (Macbeth – Josh) 00:00:07
Basic Grade (Macbeth – Becky) 00:04:37
Adding Multi-Band Compression to Dialog 00:11:47
Dialog Norm, Levels, Automation and Compliance (Macbeth) 00:16:10
Using Unveil in Macbeth 00:32:34
Multi-Band Compressor on Dialog Bus Redux 00:36:07
ENG Basic Grade (Becky) 00:37:30
Multi-Band Compressor Use (Becky) 00:42:06
ENG Basic Grade (Prof. Snurd) 00:42:48
Multi-Band Compressor Use (Prof. Snurd) 00:47:05
Dialog Norm, Levels, Automation and Compliance (ENG) 00:50:56
Final Dialog Export 00:58:08
Wrap Up 01:03:29
Bonus Chapter: Killing the Noise & Artifacts in Adobe Audition (59m)

In this chapter, Mark takes us on a tour of dealing with fixing sound using exclusively Adobe Audition.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07
Intro to Adobe Audition Spectral Editor 00:00:32
Basic Denoising 00:02:21
Dealing with Mic Bumps 00:07:32
Advanced Denoising 00:14:26
Dealing with Noise, Birds & Trucks 00:24:45
Dealing with Planes 00:36:01
Dealing with Trucks Redux 00:44:09
Dealing with Clicks & Pops 00:50:14
Batch Denoising 00:54:54
Wrap Up 00:58:02
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