In the “Edit Volume” you’ll learn the elusive and sometimes overlooked aspects of making sound smooth, workable and even making things sound better than they are. Using Adobe Audition as the platform, you’ll learn to import from NLE-to-DAW and cut room tone, ambiences, how to best use cross fades, organization, and even how to turn dull sound effects into powerful Hollywood show-stopping-masterpieces, all while watching Mark do the edit in 5 real-world scenarios.

Chapter 1: Advanced Editing I (1hr 25m)

In this chapter Mark fires the opening salvo of information regarding the mysteries of audio editing, and he gives us the basic tools which don’t translate from NLEs – and which are mandatory to get audio organized and ready for the Fix and Mix.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
The Purpose of Editing 00:00:40
Why Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)? 00:03:00
Why Edit Dialog? 00:04:35
ENG Sequence Before and After 00:05:37
Beach Sequence Before and After 00:06:13
Donuts Sequence Before and After 00:06:48
Macbeth Sequence Before and After 00:07:48
Action Sequence Before and After 00:08:52
Dialog Editing Introduction 00:10:22
Lead-Time in the Timeline 00:11:13
NLE Timeline Organization 00:11:51
Plural Eyes Audio Synchronization 00:13:06
Solving Sync Problems in Premiere Pro 00:19:26
Sample Accurate Sync in Premiere Pro 00:22:43
2-pop Creation and Why We Must 00:32:46
Tail Pop Creation 00:37:58
Export Audio from Premiere Pro to Audition (Dynamic Link) 00:40:22
Export Audio into Premade Template 00:47:56
Audition Preferences Explained 00:58:00
Key Commands to Have 01:09:43
Wrap Up 01:23:15
Chapter 2: Advanced Editing II (1hr 22m)

In this Chapter Mark covers knowledge about editing which isn’t widely known including the right kinds of crossfades to use, normalizing dialog, looping room tone secrets, syncronization mysteries and an overview of the DAW.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
Getting to Know Adobe Audition/DAWs 00:00:54
The Mix Window 00:11:27
File Organization 00:16:14
Normalize Dialog With the Essential Sound Panel 00:24:04
Using the Right Crossfades 00:28:12
Sample Editing 00:37:49
Cutting In Room Tone 00:47:45
Advanced Room Tone Editing 00:58:36
Looping Room Tone 01:05:24
Dialog Sync Basics 01:08:51
Wrap Up 01:21:15
Chapter 3: Advanced Editing III (52m)

This chapter is strongly weighted toward cutting ADR and all the functions which are required to get that handled including a surprise from Adobe.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Cutting In ADR (Macbeth)00:00:32
Cutting In ADR (Action)00:11:26
Cutting In ADR (Beach)00:23:17
Automatic Speech Allignment (Action)00:45:47
Automatic Speech Allignment (Beach)00:50:06
Wrap Up00:52:08
Chapter 4: Final Edit (2hr 8m)

In this chapter Mark takes us through three EXTENSIVE edit jobs for the Macbeth, Donuts and brutally noisy Beach scenes.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06
Dialog Cutting 00:00:41
Dialog Spotting (selecting the right mic) – Macbeth 00:07:01
Dialog Spotting (selecting the right takes) – Beach 00:39:39
Dialog Re-Import (for better takes) 00:47:57
Dialog Re-Import Redux 00:54:31
Different Take Dialog Syncing 00:58:51
Dialog Re-Import Re-Redux 01:06:35
Different Take Dialog Syncing Redux 01:07:48
More Editing Examples (Beach) 01:09:37
More Dialog Re-Import Examples 01:14:16
More Different Take Dialog Syncing 01:15:32
More Editing Examples (Beach) 01:17:15
Searching for Better Takes (bird noise fix) 01:19:30
Searching for Better Takes (truck noise fix) 01:21:39
More Dialog Editing Examples 01:23:01
Different Take Syncing 01:24:15
More Dialog Editing Examples 01:29:00
Searching for Better Takes (surf noise fix) 01:30:37
More Dialog Editing Examples 01:35:19
Searching for Better Takes (surf noise fix) 01:37:59
More Dialog Editing Examples 01:39:08
Dialog Spotting (selecting the right mic in stereo/surround) – Donuts 01:47:46
Multiple Mic Cutting 02:03:26
Wrap Up 02:07:21
Chapter 5: Export (1hr 34m)

In this Chapter Mark takes us through One-More-Pass of Editing and covers everything from special Room Tone Tricks to fix horrific surf-laden DX to stereo DX editing, cutting final voice overs and what to do if your DX goes out of sync in the editing process.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
introduction 00:00:04
Final Editing & Room Tone (Macbeth) 00:00:40
Final Editing & Room Tone (Action) 00:22:18
Last Minute ADR Editing 00:29:52
Voice Over Editing (Donuts) 00:36:42
Stereo Dialog Final Edit (Donuts) 00:39:44
Re-Syncing Dialog From An Accidental Timeline Move 00:44:29
Mono Compatibility Check for Stereo Dialog 00:46:44
Visual Dialog Syncing 00:48:02
More Final Dialog Editing Examples (Donuts) 00:52:43
Final Editing & Room Tone (ENG) 00:56:55
Exporting Dialog 01:03:29
Introduction to Special Room Tone Magic 01:11:23
Special Room Tone Magic (Beach) 01:12:02
Wrap Up 01:32:29
Chapter 6: SFX Editing Basics (25m)

In this final chapter of the Edit Volume Mark shows us how to use simple editing tools to radically change the nature of sound effects

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:05
SFX Insertion & Editing Basics (Action) 00:00:43
Solving Production Noises with SFX 00:10:26
Solving Cut offs with fades and reverb 00:11:25
Magic Attacks for SFX 00:14:13
Wrap Up 00:24:22
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