In the “Record Volume” you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about how to record great sounding audio on set, and for your podcast. Everything from Microphones, recorders, positions, safety concerns, process, solving issues, what to put on the audio cart, wireless, lavaliers, wedding videos and so much more. Over 9 HOURS of education not available anywhere else for lifetime purchase and unlimited streaming. You can purchase the ENTIRE Record Volume by clicking here:

Chapter 1: Process, Perfection and Purpose (1hr 33m)

In this first chapter of the Record Volume, Mark introduces us to the theory of good recording, and he begins revealing some Hollywood secrets about getting audio recorded well.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:07:12
The Process of Recording 00:00:47:12
MX-DX-SFX Highest & Best Use 00:01:29::09
Cinema Sound – The Power of Sound 00:09:23:19
MX-DX-SFX Demonstrated 00:13:54:21
“The Secrets of Sound ” 00:19:44:23
The Reality of It 00:21:58:23
Launch! 00:23:59:13
Recording Inspiration 00:25:18:13
Recording Terms 00:26:50:11
Determining Volume 00:56:44:00
What Is Sound? 00:58:01:16
Nature of the Ear and Hearing Loss 01:01:45:00
Nature of Digital Recording 01:04:39:00
Bits Vs. Samples 01:08:55:00
What Recording Settings To Use 01:10:39:00
The Worst Recording Formats To Use 01:23:40:00
“Audio Psychology & Zero dB ” 01:32:36:00
Constructive Use of Distortion 01:33:37:00
Wrap Up 01:35:45:00
Chapter 2: The Recording Process (1hr 42m)

In this chapter, Mark goes over requirements of getting a good recording: gear settings, location scouts, safety, and how the brain processes sound in general.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Review 00:00:07:00
The Most Powerful People On Set 00:01:50:00
Audio Location Scout 00:05:00:00
10 Things To Listen For On Location 00:07:18:00
The Speed of Sound 00:19:12:00
Delay Example 00:21:08:00
Evil Sound Recordists 00:24:49:00
Phase Issues Introduced 00:27:41:00
Understanding Distance to Camera 00:28:46:00
Editing at Sample Resolution 00:32:09:00
Inverse Square Law 00:35:07:00
Inverse Square Law On Set 00:35:32:00
Sensitivity of Hearing 00:38:29:00
Hearing Test 00:42:21:00
The Hearing Curve in EQ 00:52:01:00
EQ Curves on Dialog 00:59:47:00
“3:10 To Yuma” Review 01:02:57:00
Field Recording Checklist 01:05:47:00
What Goes In the Audio Bag 01:16:50:00
Condensor Vs. Dynamic Microphones 01:22:59:00
Recording Gunfire 01:24:44:00
Earplugs 01:27:02:00
Equipment Safety 01:29:05:00
What Goes On The Audio Cart 01:33:34:00
Personal Saftey While Recording 01:49:13:00
Breaking Down the Script 01:55:52:00
Making an Audio Log 01:56:54:00
Wrap Up 01:58:38:00
Chapter 3: Microphones & Other Weapons (57m)

In this chapter Mark goes over the major kinds of microphones used on set and how to protect them from wind including demonstrating what several sound like. We also take a brief tour through the Rode Microphones facility.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:08:00
“2001” Review 00:00:32:00
Saramonic Microphone Explanation 00:02:47:00
Where do Microphones Come From? 00:03:42:00
How a Microphone Works 00:04:34:00
Microphone Comparisons – Cardioids 00:06:46:00
Microphone Comparisons – Hypercardioids 00:12:49:00
On Camera Mic Comparisons 00:18:03:00
Omni Mic Comparisons 00:22:07:00
iPhone Mounting and Audio 00:24:80:00
Wind Shredders Comparison 00:28:18:00
Fan Demonstration 00:30:54:00
Blow Drier Demonstration 00:36:25:00
Microphone Recap 00:38:54:00
Wrap Up 00:39:35:00
Chapter 4: Lavaliers & Other Munitions (42m)

In this chapter Mark goes over wireless transmission, the concerns around the FCC, wedding recording, lavaliers, keeping mics from being destroyed and understanding how it all works together.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:00:06:00
Lavaliers & Placement 00:00:26:00
Placement & People 00:05:31:00
Wedding Placement 00:07:07:00
Wedding Videos & Foley 00:14:40:00
Mics & Hairspray 00:17:36:00
How Wireless Works 00:20:23:00
Diversity 00:24:01:00
The FCC 00:31:03:00
Dealing with RF Hits 00:37:20:00
Rycote/Invisilav/Moleskin Showdown 00:39:55:00
Transmitter Wattage Concerns 00:44:25:00
Wrap Up 00:45:54:00
Chapter 5: Sonic Booms & Advanced Microphone Tricks (1hr 4m)

In this chapter, Mark shows us about Boom Pole protocols, how to get voice overs, handling phase issues, the folly of on-camera mics, and how to deal with reflective rooms.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:08
“Death Race” Review 00:38
Boom Pole Holding 02:11
One-Man-Band Booming 04:02
Solving Water Issues 08:29
On Camera Mics 10:34
Lav Placement 15:21
Capturing Foley on Set 17:44
Miking the Action 20:55
Where to Speak 22:56
Recording Interviews 24:12
Getting Voice Over 25:18
ADR vs. VO 37:28
Why Record Well? 38:57
Recording in a Car 42:12
Slap My Phase 47:17
Killing On-Set Playback While Recording 47:29
All Mics Up Demonstration 53:46
Recording In Reflective Rooms 57:32
Wrap Up 01:04:36
Chapter 6: Recorders, Roll Sound, Now What? (1hr 38m)

In this chapter Mark takes through the process of recording, how to best use your recorders to their fullest potential, and make sure you’re doing the right things at the right times while on set.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:05
“300” Review 00:35
Process for Recording 04:15
Script Preparation 08:54
Dialog Levels 10:11
Sending Audio to Camera 11:21
Letters for Logging 15:34
The Job of a Boom Operator 16:13
“In the Mean Time” for the Recordist 17:21
“Roll Sound!” 19:40
Slating 22:08
How to Listen After “Action” 23:24
Impulse Response Recording 24:59
When is the Best Time to do ADR? 27:31
“Avengers” Review 29:32
Process for Using a Recorder 31:29
Zoom H6 Menus 33:36
VU vs. Peak Meter Settings 42:18
Recording Enough “Dead Air” 42:33
Recording Ambiences 43:11
Ambiences with X/Y microphones 43:34
Ambiences with M/S microphones 44:16
Decoding M/S files 45:43
Ambiences with Hypercardioids 55:56
Ambiences with M/S Hypercardioid 57:34
Timecode 58:32
Jam Sync vs. Gen Lock 01:02:00
3.5mm vs. XLR 01:05:41
Wrapup 01:07:12
Chapter 7: Solving Issues on Set – An Anthology (56m)

In this chapter we watch Mark debunk most of the issues we find on set from simple gear issues to how to prevent anything bad from happening.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Introduction 00:05
“Gravity” Review 00:40
Choosing a Sound Recordist 03:00
Mic Issues 03:25
On Camera Mics 04:01
Wireless Transmission 04:31
Cable Lengths 06:29
Dealing with Clothing Rustle 08:01
Cable Rustle 09:23
Cable Shorts 11:28
Low Frequency Rumble 11:57
Hums 12:52
Too Much/Little Volume 15:23
“Motorboating” 17:49
Recording Malfunction 18:12
Recording Protocols 19:37
“Crushed” Sounding Audio 20:51
Low Level Listening 21:52
Distortion 23:15
Temperature Issues 24:56
Corrupted Files 26:27
Condensor Microphone Care 27:36
Ice issues 29:10
Water Issues 29:50
End-to-End Gear Solutions 30:55
End-to-End Gear Solutions with a Lav 39:12
Cable Care & Theory 45:54
Wrapping Cables 55:53
Wrap Up 01:04:22:00
Chapter 8: The Review (9m)

In this chapter, we go over the basics of what Mark has been teaching regarding recording in a 10 minute, fast paced review.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
Chapter 9: Shoot the Scenes (10m)

This chapter is a Behind The Scenes look at how all the example videos for Cinema Sound were shot and recorded.

Chapter ContentsRun Time
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