How To: Age Sound Effects and More 100 years
It doesn't take much to "retroize"

How To: Age Sound Effects and More 100 years

Sometimes we are forced to use sounds which are too pristine to work in our projects. Having atypical sound for a period film takes the audience out of the story when there is “old-skool playback.” The solution is in aging the sound effects, music and ambiences. How do we age a sound 100 years?

I stumbled upon an article which does a great job of explaining easy ways to turn super-pristine recordings into mulched-up Edisonian

It doesn’t take much to “retroize”

wonders. Now, the good folks at show you several plugins you can use, but you can also use the iZotope, Adobe Audition, Zynaptiq and other plugins which are talked about in depth in the Pro Member’s Education – and you get a great discount on them being a member.

Have fun with this. I do. There’s nothing quite like turning a mix into something which perfectly resembles a phonograph, a wire recording, or even two styrofoam cups and a string.

Let us know your results in aging your sounds Post links for us all to wonder! Or Tweet them!

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