Adobe Interview: Mark Edward Lewis on Post

Adobe Interview: Mark Edward Lewis on Post

High atop the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, I was the subject of an Adobe interview about my experiences with Adobe’s flagship DAW, Audition. What we didn’t realize we’d get into was the subject of what is important in

Adobe Audition

the post production workflow in general.

They were kind enough to leave in the bits about “false economy” and post production workflows in general – as

well as all I spoke about regarding Audition. Now, there’s nothing there which is earth shatteringly different than what I’ve been yelling about throughout the Pro Member’s Education or this blog, but it’s always fun to see another’s take on one vision: in this case how Adobe has partnered with us in the same Gospel: audio is critical to audience impact and Audition is a powerful resource to get that impact realized.

Check it out and see what you think. Let us know, or Tweet about it!

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