On Boarding Adobe Audition Update with Mark Edward Lewis as Host!

We’re SUPER excited to announce the update of Adobe Audition with over 2 HOURS of on boarding content embedded in the DAW hosted by our very own Mark Edward Lewis!

The Basics

At every show we go to, we hear pretty much the same thing: “is there a video that will show me the basics of Adobe Audition?” The answer is always “no” or “well, there’s a lot of videos on Youtube…” Boo.
No longer, however.

Now, with the latest release of the A/V Adobe programs (Premiere, Media Encoder, Audition) over two hours of

Adobe Learn with Mark Edward Lewis embedded in Audition

“how to get up and running with Audition” video chapters are available for viewing. This content covers everything from how to make your first recording in audition, to denoising dialog, editing basics, mixing basics, and even best practices for microphone choices and use.

We’re very excited about this, because this content was recorded in our own Cinema Sound Studio “B” and feature many of our sponsors including Mark of the Unicorn, JBL/Harman, Primacoustic, Slate Digital, and our friends from Røde, Zoom and Samson.

What we love about this on boarding content is that it flows PERFECTLY into our own product here in the Cinema

Get your copy of Adobe Audition 1-to-3 today!

Sound Store called “Adobe Audition 1-to-3.” Why the numbers? Well, really to get the most out of the 85 hour Cinema Sound/MZed Pro Membership education, we expect the users have some familiarity with an NLE or Premiere Pro. This really puts your skill with Adobe Audition at a 3-out-of-10. Where 10 is master user. But if you’ve never booted an NLE or DAW, there really needs to be an easy education to get you to that “3” skill level. This is where Adobe Audition 1-to-3 comes in, and where the new on boarding content embedded into Audition will really give you a solid basis for moving forward with one of the most effective programs for getting that Hollywood Audience Impact.

Go get your access to Adobe Audition 1-to-3 today and crack open Help/Adobe Learn in Audition, and start your journey to becoming a power user today. From there, register as an MZED Pro Member and your media will never be the same!

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