Adobe Audition 2019 Pre NAB Update!

Adobe Audition 2019 Pre NAB Update!

In this video Cinema Sound Presenter Mark Edward Lewis shows us the newest and greatest update in Adobe Audition 2019 pre NAB! Want to know what’s new in adobe audition? Watch to the end!

A New Way To Record

Now, you can get close – and even better – than loop record with Punch and Roll Recording!

Vertical Nudging

Now you can use a key command to move audio clips to different tracks while keeping them in sync

Ambience Ducking in the ESP

Now the Essential Sound Panel has Ambience Ducking added to its extensive lineup of ducking capabilities

Manual Keyframe Entry

Tired of fiddling around with keyframe graphics to get the right setting? No more! Now you can manually enter exactly what you want with every keyframe!

Zoom to Selected Clips

In a further effort to keep Adobe Audition reigning at the top of efficiency, you can now snap your timeline to the size of a clip with a key command.

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