7 Sound Effects Secrets for Sci-Fi
Axanar sound effects

7 Sound Effects Secrets for Sci-Fi

While it’s true that there is no sound in space, making silent space dramas ended with Kubrick in 2001. Sound Effects Secrets (or its creation) are the basis for world-building in sci-fi media, but sometimes getting it right isn’t as easy as it might seem.

The audience’s expectations for vacuum-sound is becoming ever more demanding, and to rise with the competition we need to know how to get creative and layer deeply in order to make immersive audio-scapes which have our audiences tingling with delight.

Sound Effects Make All the Difference – Even In Space

Years ago, when I was working on Star Trek: Axanar, I had the opportunity to make a library of sound effects for the various capital ships which fly by and battle including ships from the “United Federation of Planets” and “Klingons.” Sort of a childhood dream come true, truth be told. I was able to record some of the individual effect sessions, because several folks requested I show them a breakdown of how I made some of those sounds.

At NAB 2017, I did an interview for the filmmakers where they again asked me how I made the sounds for various ships and what it was like, as a director, to come from an audio perspective. I realized that I should probably post those videos made from years ago here as a resource for all you fine folk. Here they are in order. You’ll notice I’ve used both Pro Tools and Logic Pro, but nearly all of the items taught and demonstrated therein apply to any DAW. Enjoy!

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