Røde Microphones Releases RØDE Racing Series!

Røde Microphones Releases RØDE Racing Series!

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RØDE Microphones releases RØDE Racing Series: Capturing the Sound of Performance Racing

RØDE Microphones, Australian-owned pro-audio brand, is revving and ready to present its latest exciting series in audio education: RØDE Racing!

When founder and owner of RØDE Microphones, Peter Freedman AM, acquired the first Nissan Nismo GTR in Australia – the RØDE production team headed out to a private racetrack to put the car and RØDE mics through their paces.

This three-episode mini series, documented by the team at RØDE Microphones and hosted by Senior Sales Manager/Product Specialist Ryan Burke, details a variety of different car mic’ing and set-up techniques. From a Professional Setup to one using three iPhones, each bite-sized episode demonstrates the appropriate gear to use and shows best methods for capturing the intricacies and complexities of performance car audio.

Episode 1: presents and details a Pro Microphone Setup by the RØDE recording team. This provides a comprehensive overview of car mic’ing techniques with of a range of microphones from RØDE – from the accessible SmartLav+ to the flagship NT6.

Episode 1

Episode 2: shows how to get incredible recording results with just 3 SmartLav+s and 3 iPhones.

Episode 2

Episode 3: titled ‘Three Things You Should Know,’ covers the essential considerations when recording performance racing. Including the required microphones, how to tailor the setup to get the greatest quality of sound, and safety hazards you should be aware of to avoid damaging the car, equipment and yourself.

Episode 3

“RØDE Racing is a continuation of RØDE’s dedication to educational content”, said Damien Wilson – CEO of RØDE Microphones. “We are excited to bring this to our audience and show the true versatility and high performance of RØDE microphones in the field.”

An exciting first from RØDE Microphones, RØDE Racing showcases yet another way creators, filmmakers, sound engineers and (officially!) car enthusiasts can put their RØDE microphones to use. Make sure to check out the episodes and all the microphones used at www.roderacing.com

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