How To Mix: Hoss Transmedia Content SFX, Ambiences and More (Stereo)

How To Mix: Hoss Transmedia Content SFX, Ambiences and More (Stereo)

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Mixing in stereo is far more difficult than mixing in surround in many ways. Mixing for the internet is more difficult yet. In this video clip, I give you the run down on one of the Blade of Honor transmedia clip’s “Hoss” mix and give you a glimpse of some special tricks you’ll want to implement in your mixes.

As I’ve done before, I’m happy to run through how I’ve done some of the mixing for actual projects I’ve worked on (when possible and doesn’t violate an NDA). You can see some of those other articles and videos here. In this example, we’ll be looking at the the work done aboard the USS Hermes starring Heroes’ James Kyson (As John O’ Tekajc “Hoss”). Here, we’ll look at ambiences, sound effects and dialog plugins which create it’s unique sound and full immersion while still competing at a “loud level” for the internet. These kinds of immersive techniques (and cheats) are strewn throughout the Blade of Honor transmedia clips/deliveries, and once you’ve familiarized yourself with the techniques in the video, I’d suggest you watch them and see what other things you might discover with your “new ears.”

Here’s the link for the Blade of Honor Youtube Channel.

Of course, all of these concepts are delved into in depth in the MZed Cinema Sound education which I’d strongly recommend you take a look at. Although this clip is done in Pro Tools, all of the techniques and ideas put forth here work in any DAW.

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