11.1 Surround Mixing in Audition? You Can Now!

11.1 Surround Mixing in Audition? You Can Now!

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Adobe Audition users know that the maximum multichannel output that can be used is 5.1. But with the addition of a little plugin called Spatial Audio Designer, you can expand Audition out to 24.2 surround – far more than even Dolby Atmos! Imagine doing 11.1 in Adobe Audition!

In this video, Cinema Sound main presenter Mark Edward Lewis shows us how to make 11.1 surround sound in ambisonic (headphones) Adobe Audition. It’s way more powerful than regular 5.1 surround sound – and works in ALL headphones. You’ll hear it here: 11.1 in Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition 1-to-3.

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